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Wednesday, 15 June 2011

The power of blogging

The power of blogging is much more powerful than i orginally thought, peoples dreams can be made a reality through blogging for example Alices bucket list! The impact that blogging has is connected to reality now rather than just the internet.


Anonymous said...

I think blogging has become the new way of people being able to represent themselves and their ideas in a way that still allows them to be anonymous in some ways - you don't have to say who you are and it's a different experience from standing up in front of a group of people sharing your ideas, thoughts, dreams etc which can be quite scary for some. Perhaps you could investigate this further?

mollie.gregory said...

Yes i might include that and investigate it because people are always making friends online and never meeting them because they are socially scared to. But them others meet people and it turns out to be someone else from the person they saw online, which creates a lot of problems in the 'cyber world'