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This is my blog which i will add to weekly, talking about the progress of my A2 Media coursework i would appreciate comments and feedback from my blogs and any help that you would like to offer. i hope to hear from you all soon, mollie. As well as this the blog is a protional piece for anyone who wants their homemade fashion idea's or craft creations to be showcased! In return i would also like some promotion of this blog! Thanks :)

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

My Media Crisis

Unfortunately i am unable to work out how to add comments to my posts, would like help from someone who knows! thanks.


Anonymous said...

Hiya, it's the college computers blocking the html comments box that appears under the 'Post a comment' writing. Hmmmm, I shall think about what to do and we'll have a chat in class tomorrow. Maybe there's another site we can use perhaps or we could go and see CILT

sarah.reece said...

wooo Jenny solved the problem!!! mollie hurry up and post!!