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This is my blog which i will add to weekly, talking about the progress of my A2 Media coursework i would appreciate comments and feedback from my blogs and any help that you would like to offer. i hope to hear from you all soon, mollie. As well as this the blog is a protional piece for anyone who wants their homemade fashion idea's or craft creations to be showcased! In return i would also like some promotion of this blog! Thanks :)

Summer Fashion!

Summer fashion has got to be my favourite! Floral dresses and white flip flops with a straw hat is perfect for any picnic date!

For an extra special and personal gift for someones birthday or at Christmas, i like to make fairies to go on the outside of the gift wrapping! It looks so sweet, so i thought i'd share a step by step guide of how to do it :) ox

This is the beginnings of your fairy and you start with a wooden peg.

You then cut a small piece of ribbon, to wrap around the top half of your peg, in order to create a top. I measure around 4cm, but it depends what size peg you have bought; so just measure it around the peg to check. :)

Once you have glued the ribbon to the peg, using a glue gun (you could use other glues, but i find they don't stick down as well as hot glue). You can then draw on two eyes, central to the peg legs, to do this; just simply use a black felt tip or marker pen.

Next, measure out the same size piece of ribbon that was used for the body in order to create the hair. You can use the same material like i have, or you could use yellow ribbon to create blonde hair. :)

You then need to create a skirt for the fairy, to do this use a cup to measure a circle. (This cup is about 7cm wide) and draw around it :)

I used serrated edged scissors so there is a nice effect on the sides of the skirt.

Then you should cut up to the middle of the skirt and cut out a small hole for the fairy to fit through. I guess around 2-3cm wide.

You then need to glue the skirt to the fairy, as you slip it on pull it around the peg so that it creates a cone affect and use the glue gun to hold it in place. :)

Then, it is time to add arms to the fairy. You could class them as wings if you wanted to and stop there with the design, but i like to add something extra on afterwards. So anyway, put some hot glue onto the back of the fairy and hold to cotton wool stick in place until it is firm. :)

And finally, i cut out a butterfly shape in card that matches the skirt (or is atleast the same colour) so that it looks a pretty as a fairy :)

Yay!! They look beautiful! Just add the wings onto the back, again using hot glue and hold in place until firm. I have also added some cotton onto the back of a fairy so that whoever you give it to can hang up once you give it to them! :)
Happy crafting xox

For my auntie's Birthday, i made her a cake. I thought this meadow belonged in the summer section because,... well it looks summery! :D Hope you like it!

I had a photoshoot not to long ago, and then I played around with the editing and came up with this! Hope you like them :)

The pastal colours really work well for summer because they contrast the bright colours that aresurrounding us; with all the flowers and plants. I think the lace also has a warm summer's evening feel to it too. xo

My homemade heart in a jar, hope you like it! xo


leasha.w said...

Definately cant wait for this summer, sun sand and sea and your lil faires are sooooooooo cute ! they'll really add a adorable look to my bedroom, I love everything girly ;)

Anonymous said...

I love fairies they're so magical yaaaay for this blog :D

Natalie Sketchley said...

This blog is great Mollie! Horrah Horrah Horrah!

ILoveOwls41 said...

I love the design of this blog, owls are so cute! I just love Owls. I really really do :)