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This is my blog which i will add to weekly, talking about the progress of my A2 Media coursework i would appreciate comments and feedback from my blogs and any help that you would like to offer. i hope to hear from you all soon, mollie. As well as this the blog is a protional piece for anyone who wants their homemade fashion idea's or craft creations to be showcased! In return i would also like some promotion of this blog! Thanks :)

Winter Fashion!

It’s winter! Brrr! It’s now definitely time to dig out your thick tights! If you don’t fancy just wearing dark colours in the winter and fancy brightening up the world around you, then go for cream or pastel coloured thick tights rather than just black ones! A lovely pale blue skirt and cammy top with a dark blazer would go lovely with them!
This is my all in one sleep suit! I got it for christmas and it is soooo warm to snuggle into on a cold winter night! Plus i love penguins!

I took this picture because I loved the candle and the colour that it made the entire photo look, i thought it was perfect for the winter section because of have warm it looks! I love bird cages too, so i wanted to make sure i got mine in on some of the photo's!

This is a small handmade bear, crafted beautifully by ‘Fiddly Diddly Pottery’ they make wonderful pottery and I just love this heart warming Christmas gift!

YUM YUM! I made these over christmas and they went down a treat! Rocky Roads, with Hobnob biscuits, mini marshmallows, melted chocolate and Malteasers! They are delicious!

These are my lovely collection of lipgloss owls. They are so cute and owls are my absolute favourite, i even have owl PJ's!

This was outside my bedroom window when i woke up one morning! i didn't even realise it had been snowing till i looked out! It looked beautiful!


leasha.w said...

Brrr is chilly but your penguin shoes look like they'd keep my tootsies nice and warm :D

Anonymous said...

Winter is cold. I have to wear thick socks.

OwlsRuleTheWorld1 said...

"Knock knock"

"who's there?"


"Owls who?"

"That's right! Owls hoo!"

Siser Mary Roberts said...

Oh praise the lord! I love this blog i'm fashion cluless but now i'm saved! Hallelujah!