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This is my blog which i will add to weekly, talking about the progress of my A2 Media coursework i would appreciate comments and feedback from my blogs and any help that you would like to offer. i hope to hear from you all soon, mollie. As well as this the blog is a protional piece for anyone who wants their homemade fashion idea's or craft creations to be showcased! In return i would also like some promotion of this blog! Thanks :)

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

today's work.

Today i have been looking into a book called 'gender differnces in British blogging' which has really showed me how men in society have a hierarchical status that is completely controlled through the ideaolgy of the media and the internet where people are able to use social networking sites to voice their opinions and get information from other uses. The idea that men subliminally controll women through media has an intertextual link to the theory marxism and the idea that power relationships influence the choices that the base make, furthermore this relates to the image of pluraslim and no one truly having free will to do as they please in their own religions and follow through with their own beliefs and in the case of blogging discuss every topic that they would like to whilst on their blog.

Monday, 7 November 2011

gender studies and blogging

I am currently still working on my critical investigation work in order to complete this blog, i have since decided also that i will link gender studies into the idea and development of blogging. From my online research i have found out that women who blog primarily target their posts to other women with sterotypical attitudes like fashion. etc. And Men blog posts that are talking about topics they are interested in. This shows a gender split with in blogging and that people who are searching for online blogs will look and find a bigger desire to read on when it is concerning the same sex blogger.