About This Blog

This is my blog which i will add to weekly, talking about the progress of my A2 Media coursework i would appreciate comments and feedback from my blogs and any help that you would like to offer. i hope to hear from you all soon, mollie. As well as this the blog is a protional piece for anyone who wants their homemade fashion idea's or craft creations to be showcased! In return i would also like some promotion of this blog! Thanks :)

Spring Fashion!

In Spring i think it is still abit cold to whip out your summer dress collection. Although if you were team it with a mustard yellow cardiagan, you'd look awesome at easter time!

These have got to be my most loved shoes at the moment! They are so comfortable, yet they look great! They are surprisingly warm too, which means they are wonderful for Autumn!

In Spring its best not to get your toes out just yet! So ankle boots with brown tights will compliment that mustard caridgan amazingly!

This 'heart in a jar' is one of my creations! At birthday's and Christmas if you ever feel like giving someone an extra special thought out gift, this is the one for you! Also the small fairy that is attatched was homemade by a family member for me! i loved it so much i had to start making my own to put onto gifts! hope you like it, love mollie xo

I don't know about you, but in spring i love to take some tea out into the garden amongst the daffodils and the lovely birds! So when I found this amazing scrabble mug, for half price!! Yes it was only £4 in a little shop, near me called Dragonfly Home, and i absolutely love it, i’m going to go tea crazy now!

This image is my new favourite! We took a trip down to the beach and just took some photographs in the sun, one of my best days.


leasha.w said...

Loving the shoes ! Your amazing! XOXOXOX

Ellie Bryan said...

I love you.

An Owl said...

Hoot hoot, i like all the owl designs on this blog!

TheMagnificentOwlLover56 said...

Did i really just spend 30mins whisking Angel Delight for my mother to be sick in it...
Your blog has cheered me up thanks for the fashion tips!

Ellie Bryan said...

Your so sexy.