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Tuesday, 5 July 2011

so far without the changes.

The essay to be put onto the blog page

Initially I will discuss the representations and media language of the article written by Julianne Grauel as the main focus of the text is about fashion and the influence that blogging about fashion is having on the fashion industry.
The target audience of the text is clearly young women aged 16-25, as they are the most likely to have an interest in fashion and the technical knowledge to use a blog and to discuss the matters with in it. The women will most likely be ‘strivers’ and ‘experiencers’ and perhaps also ‘makers’ as these personality types have the features to experience new phenomenon’s and to make their own. Which is shown through the text with in the first sentence of the text, ‘It seems like everyone is online these days’ this also emphasises the exaggerated heading ‘Fashion blogs are taking over the world’. This formal language presents to the audience that fashion blogs are a large influence in the media world in this century and that blogging is what will eventually gain the most input into the fashion industry. This article however, gives the audience diversion from their own lives in order to experience how other people’s lives are becoming interlinked via the internet and social networking sites, to communicate with each other. Furthermore it opens up the internet to enable individuals to enhance their own lives on topics that they weren’t aware of before, this is shown in the article: ‘Blogs are important because they cover such a wide variety of topics’ this then creates the preferred reading that the writer is using connotations of positive writing regarding blogging and that it is only enhancing society’s knowledge, not just on the fashion industry but on world events also. Grauel then goes onto to raise the idea that journalism has significantly altered and added additional superiority to the article writing production.
Although, having said this there is a stereotypical view of fashion still lurking around blogging, it appears to me through my research that blogging about fashion is typically targeted at a niche market of only a middle class family to satisfy the needs and desires of a wealthy women, by creating links to ‘Vogue’ magazine and other expensive blogs, an example of the niche market of high class people only being targeted from the text: ‘exclusive the Bryant Park, a true fashion blog.’ This therefore appears to me there is a gap in the market of blogging about affordable high street fashion with the target audience of both young females and males, most likely to be students that enjoy fashion but are only able to find the ‘bargains’ from the high street. Having said this, the final paragraph of the article suggests an incline of a polysemic reading of the text, as the final line states ‘Thanks to blogs, fashion is now accessible to all who is interested.’ This connotates that blogs have encouraged people to express themselves in way that they otherwise perhaps wouldn’t due to their price range and that people passion can be shared through fashion blogging as opposed to only at fashion shows and events where not everyone is able to acquire an invite.
This article in many ways has an inter-textual link to the young female American blogger who has posted her own photography of fashion, her own style and conversation with other bloggers. In one particular post that I observed she discussed parents asking for advice: ‘parents that read my blog concerning their daughter’ this expresses the great impact of teenage blogging has on fashion, however the blog post contains advice on how to buy affordable presents for their daughter all ‘without spending over $25’.

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